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3 W/mK 100x100x1mm GPU Heatsink Cooling Conductive Silicon Thermal Pad


• High conductivity
• High quality
• Size: 100x100mm
• Thickness: 1mm
• Conductivity: 3w/mK

DeepCool Z9 High Performance Thermal Paste


Excellent thermal conductivity.
Electrically non-conductive.
Wide range of application temperature.

1st Player FD1 Metal Flower CPU Cooler | 75mm Fan

  •  Compatible with lntel and AMD platforms.
  •  7.5 CM fan brings high CFM and low noise.
  • High-density aluminum fins deliver marvelous heat dissipation.
  • Compact type ideally designs for AlO PC and small case.

Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste


CORSAIR TM30 thermal paste helps you push your PC to its limit, with a low-viscosity premium zinc oxide thermal material that’s easy to apply.

ALSEYE N12 NEO Series 1800RPM RGB Fan | Single Fan

  • Ultra High-Speed Fan Rotation
  • Fenced Design
  • ARGB Lighting
  • Low Noise
  • High Speed : Upto 1800rpm +- 10%

ALSEYE TBF-100 RGB CPU Air Cooler | Aluminum Heatsink | 85W TDP

  • Compatible For AMD and Intel Sockets
  • 85W Thermal Draw Power
  • 100mm 5-Color RGB Cooler Fan
  • Easy, Hassle-Free Mounting Procedure
  • 7-Blade Fan Design

Alseye T9+ Thermal Paste | Platinum Edition | 2 Grams

  • 2 Grams Tube
  • Better thermal conductivity
  • Easy Application

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste 1g


The Kryonaut thermal paste was specially developed for the extremely demanding applications and the highest demands of the overlocking community. Kryonaut is also recommended as a top product for critical cooling systems in the industrial sector.

Especially for overclocking
Excellent thermal conductivity
No curing
High long-term stability
Not electrically conductive

Corsair XTM50 High Performance Thermal Paste Kit


CORSAIR XTM50 High Performance Thermal Paste is the most complete solution to help lower your PC component temperatures and keep your PC cool under pressure.